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John Conrad Jewellery

Bringing together traditional wood bending techniques and the radiance of sterling silver my jewellery brings a touch of class and elegance with a connection to the natural resources around us.

John Conrad Woodcrafts

From simple mobile phone stands to iridecent wooden bowls that represent the day you were born. The items created are truley unique in every way.

John Conrad Pens

Luxury pens crafted from carefully selected native and exotic wood species and quality precious metal components.

Ysbryd Ddraig Flutes

From the love creating music and the Native American culture Ysbryd Ddraif (welsh for Dragon Spirit) captures the tranditional tones of the Native American Style Flute.

Colin "John Conrad" Cunningham

Colin "John Conrad" Cunningham


When I was about 9 or 10, I cant quite remember since a few years have passed since then, I was in the garden shed with my father and I noticed that he had a kitchen paper roll on his small worktop, and I remember asking him why it wasnt on a roll holder like the one in the kitchen. I didn't expect what happened next, but it was the seed that grew into my love for wood and design.

"Why don't you make one for me?" he asked.

30 years later (maybe a little longer) that same kitchen roll holder, although now moved into his garage, takes pride of place and continues to deliver a reliable source of absorbant kitchen paper when the situation demands.

Today, from my small workshop in my own garage, I create a range of unique items that are as diverse as the species of wood I use to create them.